Thursday, April 29, 2010

Movie 4/28

I love the movie that we watched yesterday. I was almost fall asleep but at that moment, the tense of the movie woke me up. So I kept awake in the whole lecture. The movie show some true story around the War at that time. Film maker successfully pulled the distance closer from now to age of that time. He made the spectators feel how terrible feeling that the government gave to people at that time. I was shock that all that came from true story. I like the way he did interviews to some of the people and let them describe their feeling. And what the Dr. said was also very important; he point out how those policemen treat them and how people change from innocent into a real prisoner mentally. I love what the Dr. said, it really showed the evidence that the situation changed into innocent people would thankful to the policemen if they were nice to them later by doing nothing wrong and got put into jail.

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